INTERPAARL LOGISTICS is committed to providing our customers with the most reliable and efficient long-distance transportation solutions throughout South Africa, and cross border to SADC countries.

Moving your products from your manufacturing plants to your customers, to external warehouses and to your distributors, can represent a substantial portion of your company's total logistics costs.

When using INTERPAARL LOGISTICS there are fewer transport service providers to manage. Our dual pronged approach with our large fleet together with our expertise in sourcing and managing dedicated subcontractors delivers an optimal transport solution which ensures that your product is delivered to the right place, on the right time and at the right price.

Our Vision:

To be the preferred strategic partner for customers, suppliers, employees and investors alike.

Our Values:

Integrity - We are open, honest and consistent in all transactions and conduct our business in an ethical manner.

Reliability - We can be relied upon to deliver on commitments, targets and agreements at all times.

Innovation - We continuously challenge our methods and vigorously pursue opportunities for improvement both internally and externally.

Passion - We are proud of our organisation and enthusiastic in our approach to all activities in continuous search of excellence.

Responsibility - We are serious about our legal, personal, social and environmental responsibilities.

Our people - We value our employees and invest in their development through training and mentoring.

Our Fleet

Our fleet consists out of Tri axle, super link Flat decks, Drop sides and Taut liner combinations. Our vehicles are maintained and serviced within recommended service intervals as per the specification of the manufactures and managed accordingly.

Our fleet is also fitted with a tracking system that enables us to continuously monitor and track our vehicles to ensure that your load is delivered on time.

Transport Related

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