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Food Business Operator

Food Business Operator (FBO): means the person or persons responsible for ensuring that the prescribed requirements of the standards regarding food hygiene and food safety of regulated agricultural food products of plant origin intended for local and export (Notice 707 of 13 May 2005) are met within the food business under his or her control and include both the management of the food business as well as the person with overall authority on site or in the specific establishment. The FBO will be accountable for third party arrangements, where responsibility of such operations is under the control of a third party food producer.

Food Business Operator (FBO) Code: means an alpha-numeric code which has been registered with the Executive Officer of the APS Act by each producer, pack house packing products of plant origin destined for export and local.

Transport Operator (TRANS): means a transport company involved in the transportation of products of plant origin, which are intended for export. This refers to transport that is used for example, from the pack house to the commercial cold storage facility, depots or terminals etc. This excludes on-farm transport (e.g. from the orchard to the pack house) and the transport of empty containers.

Interpaarl Logistics is registered with Department Agriculture, our FBO code: P1383

With our FBO code we can transport all the below listed products:

Animal products

    A-1 Dairy products
    A-2 Meat
    A-3 Poultry meat
    A-4 Eggs

Processed products

    B-1 Apricot and peach kernels
    B-2 Frozen fruit and vegetables
    B-3 Dried fruit
    B-4 Canned vegetables
    B-5 Canned fruit
    B-6 Canned mushrooms
    B-8 Rooibos and rooibos mixtures
    B-9 Jam, jelly and marmalade
    B-10 Canned pasta products
    B-11 Honeybush and green honeybush

Citrus and subtropical fruit

    C-1 Citrus fruit
    C-2 Fruit, excluding citrus and certain deciduous fruit
    C-3 Avocados
    C-4 Litchis
    C-5 Mangos
    C-6 Pineapples
    C-7 Strawberries
    C-8 Melons and watermelons
    C-9 Kiwifruit
    C-10 Papayas
    C-11 Granadillas
    C-12 Guavas
    C-13 Cactus pears
    C-14 Green bananas

Deciduous fruit

    D-1 Apples
    D-2 Apricots
    D-3 Table grapes
    D-4 Cherries
    D-5 Pears
    D-6 Peaches and nectarines
    D-7 Plums and prunes
    D-8 Persimmons

Grain and agronomy products

    G-1 Buckwheat
    G-2 Dry beans
    G-3 Grass seeds
    G-4 Groundnuts
    G-5 Grain sorghum
    G-6 Oil seeds
    G-7 Wheat
    G-8 Maize
    G-9 Maize products
    G-11 Leguminous seeds
    G-12 Tobacco
    G-13 Feed products
    G-14 Vegetables
    G-15 Potatoes
    G-16 Onions
    G-17 Popcorn
    G-18 Soya beans

Currently, the Sub Directorate: Quality Control has assigned a statutory organisation, Perishable Products Export Control Board, to conduct inspections for some agricultural products intended for export, with the D:APIS Inspectors responsible to carry out the audit inspections to verify that the set standards are applied correctly. With this assignment, the PPECB acts as an independent service provider of quality certification and chain management services for producers and exporters as Food Business Operators (FBO, i.e. producers, packers, processors, transporters, etc.) of perishable food products.
FBO Code: P1383
Head Office 021 862 0445